#006 Meet the Author of CCXbus.com

I met a most extraordinary man yesterday. He is, perhaps, the smartest man I have ever met, next to my father Oliver. Oliver was the best mathematician of his day in Montana in 1933. At the the age of 19, he was accepted into the Electrical Engineering school of MSU in, Bozeman, Montana. Oliver studied a year in Montana and then attended one year at Caltech. He and his two brothers enlisted to fly planes. Oliver became a weatherman and served in Cairo, Egypt. After the War he attended Stanford University and obtained a B.S. Degree in Mathematics.

#005 Tuesday, September 25, 2018 Report

Last night Mac let the CCXbus team sleep on the floor of his living room. Everybody was exhausted from yesterday’s activities and slept well. I was up by 5:30 as usual. It is now 8 AM and everybody else was sleeping, except Nick who left in a hurry to move his van by 8 AM and it was then 8:06. Last night Nick zig-zagged his way into a short parking spot. Paul went out to help Nick, Moments after the zig-zag out, the owner of the car in front came out of his house and drove his car away. Had Paul been videotaping the incident the video might have gone viral.

#004 Boston Home Base

I was up and out of bed this morning around 5 AM. It is now 8 AM and everybody else is still sleeping. That’s how early I get up. At 6 AM I drove down to Dunkin Donuts. I looked over the menu and decided I wanted a triple shot medium latte. I asked for a triple shot Latte in a medium cup. The woman behind the counter looked at me in confusion. “You know what an espresso shot is, right”, I asked. The two women looked at one another. Both shook their head. “No” one said. They conferred with a co-worker. I ended up asking for two black medium coffees with a triple shot each. I have no idea what I ended up with.

#003 CCXbus Travel Catalog

We seek people who love specialty travel to interesting places and meeting people who host behind the scenes tours of innovative organizations, facilities, and locations. We are planning a trip “Montana Summer 2019” tour. We are planning to carry bus loads of people to watch a space launch. Our flagship bus #333 Gracie leads entourages to fun places that change lives, inspire people to do what they love, and create lifetime memories. Routes, destinations, and events are presented in the CoCreateX hosted CCXbus Travel Club offerings presented in catalog form.Please visit CCXbus.com for details.

Montana Summer 2019

Photographers, filmmakers, nature-lovers, fly fishing amateurs and experts, and adventurous creators! Prepare for an immersive experience in the countryside of Big Sky Country. We would like to take a bus full of co-creators to explore Montana and all of its history and scenery while making art alongside new friends. This blog represents an idea and the start of a conversation. Please be aware that changes will be made before the final booking. Read on to learn about what's in store for Summer 2019.